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Socialites that live off of social networking have gotten a new perk just for them. Frogster, in a collaboration with Overwolf, has just implemented a new little doodad for Runes of Magic, called the Magic Hub, which allows you to access various conveniences, all while you’re in-game.

The Magic Hub provides players with a number of features, all in one free download. With the interface add-on, you can get access to websites such as the official forums, Skype, and more. And with Youtube and Facebook functionality, you can upload your favorite screenshots or videos straight to your site of choice, all without needing to exit or downsize the game itself.

Much like the game itself, the add-on is completely free, and can be downloaded straight from the official website itself. So, if you’re one of those people that are connected to your social networking sites with a virtual umbilical cord, you’re in good hands.

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