Every hero and villain needs a method for improving their tech. It’s one of the basics for keeping ahead of the opposition. Now, players of DC Universe Online will be able to do that very same thing with the eighth update for the game.

The update introduces the Research and Development system, which allows players you create Equipment Mods for their gear. Think of it as gem slots in WoW, only you don’t need to level up a separate profession in order to make what you need. These mods are intended to allow players to further customize their gear to suit their needs, and they can even craft consumables as well that can be of use in the middle of a fight.

Players can gain access to this new system starting from level ten, where they will be directed to the Watchtower or the Hall of Doom for instruction on how to utilize the system. And, like the rest of the game itself, the update is available for all players to download for free. If you need more information regarding this, the official website has everything you need to get you started.

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