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Turbine has just announced the release of a new adventure pack for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited. Update 10, titled “Reign of Madness”, follows the story that began in Update 9. Players will find themselves battling the face of personified madness, seeing a return of old acquaintances, and finding an unlikely ally Know as the Lord of Stone.

Returning to the Sleeping Spell Inn, players will help a familiar apprentice who has placed Ebberon in danger. Then in the Asylum of Stormreach they will protect sane patients from “bad medicine”.  From there they will venture into the depths of Khyber to enlist the help of the Lord of Stone, arch-rival of the Lord of Eyes. With the Lord of Stones aid secured, you must confront the Lord of Eyes before his nefarious plans can be realized.

This update continues to expand the crafting beta with the introduction of unbound items. These weapons can be forged for sale or trade. Now you can outfit your guild, friends, or just make some pocket change for the adventure ahead.

I'm glad to see DDO add and continue to work on a crafting system. It was something lacking in the release of the original product and any mmo worth its salt is going to have a crafting system in place. I personally have not played the last two updates do to not having a group of friends interested in playing through an "adventure pack" and the lack of time, but the previous ones have been fun. Each one I approach as module, just as we would for a pen and paper game of D&D. Still the pace at which these packs are released it's far too easy to burn through all your content and get bored. I guess that is why in my mind the pen and paper games will always be superior, because when we run out of modules we can always make our own.







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