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Today Turbine announced Update 11 for Dungeons and Dragons Online.  Secrets of the Artificers will be the largest content update for the MMO to date, boasting the addition of a new class, new crafting skills, and a new high-level quest hub.  

The update will launch next month they say, and I think it's a great idea to add a new class this far into the game's lifecycle.  I for one am interested in checking it out, especially after seeing the concept art surrounding the Artificer class.  I think there should be more craft-centric classes in MMOs, as it lends the world a depth of realism that many games are sorely lacking.  After all, how many of us go on epic quests and swing swords for a living?  I think there are far more bakers and construction workers in the world than there are warriors and monks.  Definitely more than monks. Plus, who doesn't like a little Steampunk in their MMOs?  I know I do.

Details about Update 11 are below.  Expect Secrets of the Artificers to land in Stormreach sometime during September.



The new update, Update 11: Secrets of the Artificers, features:

·         New Artificer Class

A blend of Rogue and Arcane classes, the Artificer uses specially created weapons and mechanical pets to challenge their foes

·         New House Cannith Enclave

Home of the Artificers, House Cannith is a new high level quest hub where magic and mechanics converge.

·         New Content

Born in war, forged in fury, Stormreach faces its most terrible foe yet.

·         New Crafting Levels
Craft all the way to level 150. Plus, craft Draconic Runestones, a new magical weapon available to all classes.


The Secrets of the Artificers Premium Adventure Pack will be available in the DDO Store and Free to VIPs, and includes:

·         Two new high level Raids

·         New wilderness area

·         3 new dungeons


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