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MMOs normally wait 12 to 18 months to put out an expansion pack, but DC Universe Online wants to push smaller content updates at more frequent intervals.  They call these download packs, usually based around what the players are currently clamoring for.  This first download pack gives players light players, allowing them to wield the Green Light of Will as a hero and the Yellow Light of Fear as a villain. They are calling it: Fight for the Light.

New NPCs are being added to the game: Green Lanterns you know such as Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner, and Sinestro and Amon Sur from the Sinestro Corps.  But the most popular element of Fight for the Light is the construct creation.  The unfortunate thing is that they haven’t built a custom system into the game.  There will be 12 constructs for each side to use, and they are pre-built and fairly limited in their scope.  SOE wants to make sure you know you can combo the constructs together, but that’s as far as the creativity goes.  They explain away this limitation with the idea that we’re playing “reservists” who have been given rings with a limited amount of powers. But really, we don’t play super hero games to feel limited.

The other strange thing about this DCUO download pack is that these powers are only reserved for one class.  I’m not sure why they decided that their first DLC would be focused only around controllers, but I see little reason to purchase this pack if you play a different class.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that they are updating the game based on the popularity of the movie.  I just wish they had brought in a little more to the download pack so that it would be worth it for every class to buy it. Sure there’s a couple new 5-man encounters, but I really don’t see dropping ten bucks to run through a couple dungeons.

Fight for the Light will be available for $9.99 by the end of the Summer.

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