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Sony Online Entertainment has just announced that it will be making the oh-so-popular MMO, DC Universe Online free-to-play for all new and incoming players. That’s right, free! Can’t go wrong with free things, aye?

Starting in about late October, the ever so popular game will be free for new players, giving them access to everything the game has to offer (current areas, raids, and characters). But that’s not to say they forgot about their loyal fan base. Players who have spent at least $5 on the game (which include past subscription fees and in-game bonuses) will be given access to the “Premium-Level” subscription plan as their service. With this, you are given just a touch more advantages than the free player such as additional character slots, more inventory, and higher cash limits. That’s a nice little thing to do for the people who have played the game an awfully long time.

It doesn’t quite end there though. Enjoy DC Universe? Spend most of your free hours on the game? If you’re the hardcore superhero that can’t get enough, you can opt for the “Legendary Package”. It’ll cost you what you already pay for the game per month, $14.99, but this time you’ll be given more than 15 character slots, 80 slots of inventory, and what I assume is the primary selling-point of this deal, all additional DLC packs at no cost much like the Gears of War and Mortal Kombat season passes.. You’ll also get a ton more benefits that haven’t been announced yet.

I believe the model they’re using is quite nice. You get to test and then play the game for free, old players don’t get upset for having paid all that money when it’s going to be free, and the hardcore fan can choose to give himself a little bit more for his buck. This should make the very well-known MMO easily accessible to a greater amount of gamers and make it even more popular.

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