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News coming out of Famitsu magazine today reveals a new character for the upcoming PSVita version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2, that of Relius Clover.

As the father of Carl Clover, and the mastermind behind the murakumo units, Relius is thus far confirmed to have the same doll control scheme as his son, as evident by the appearance of a similar doll guage in the screenshots, only his doll is the model Ignis. However, how much his attacks will differ is up in the air at this point. His larger size may very well allow him to take more hits than his offspring at the very least, and Ignis looks to have a completely different attack pattern than Carl's Nirvana.

Information coming from Siliconera also confirms that he’ll be added in the arcade update to the game, which will include another series of balance changes. Location testing for this release is set to begin in Akihabara on August 11. Maybe they can find a way to bring Tager out from perma-bottom tier finally?

No word on a console release date or pricing for Relius or the balance patch is available yet. However, I’d wager that the patch will be free just like before, while Relius will be a separate purchase for the same amount as Makoto and the others. As for the release date itself, we may be waiting a while for anything on that front.


[via Dustloop]

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I wouldnt want to be nearby if that robot had to turn her head quickly...

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