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There is little pleasure greater than steering an explosive sheep in loops through the sky and then down onto an enemy. It's the small things like that which make the Worms series one of the games that I can continuously snuggle up against the warm cartoonish bazookas and feel at home.

Team 17, who has been making Worms games since 1995, has just announced their newest installation: Worms Ultimate Mayhem. Quickly, add more things to that title! Worms Ultimate Mayhem Showdown Madness Extreme. Okay, fine, stick with the real name.

The game is an HD remix of Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem with a slathering of new missions, puzzles, voice acted mission intros, and more things that make worms explode. Worms Ultimate Mayhem Madness Sheep Flinging Destruction will have a release date sometime later in 2011 for XBL, PSN, and Steam.

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