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It’s always a sad day when a MMO game is forced to shut down. Today, the company behind Faxion Online has formally announced that they’ll be closing the doors to Limbo for good.

A member of the UTV staff broke the news on the game’s official message board. The shut down process will be taking place in two phases. The first will be the closing of the store, registration system, and client downloads. The final server shutdown is scheduled to be within the next 30 days.


Originally launched earlier this year in May, Faxion Online brought together an amusing version of the classic struggle between Heaven and Hell, providing tongue-in-cheek humor regarding religion at most every turn. The guys at UTV also made a name for themselves in the MMO genre with their unique and hilarious marketing campaign. The sad news today came after rumors had spread about the entire Faxion development team getting laid off a week prior.

Having had the chance to chat with the guys that were working on the game myself, it’s sad to see it get shut down in such a manner. On behalf of the GameGeex crew, we wish all of you crazy, magnificent bastards luck in your future endeavors.

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While I dont begrudge their efforts, after having played their beta Id have to say that the biggest failing of the game is that it simply wasnt all that good. There were several design decisions made that worked against ease of use and the overall "fun" factor. Given time, Im sure they would have been ironed out, but I dont believe the Faxion they delivered is the Faxion they meant to deliver.

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