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Whether it's RPG, MMORPG, or even some modern-day shooters, you're always going to be choosing whether or not you equip a particular piece of gear because of its effectiveness or its style points.

Personally, I'm guilty of trashing something just because it doesn't look good, but sometimes that ugly helmet is significantly better than anything else you could ever find and choosing not to equip it reduces positive outlook towards l33t gamers by 35%. Ultimately, it comes down to the player choice. I've seen people willing to scrap their sexy plate armor for leather spandex just because it gives you +2 stats somewhere. On the other hand, I've seen those who say "be gone!" to the leopard, skinny-fit jacket unless that's their style of course...

So how about you? Tell us reasons as to why you choose what to wear on your virtual gaming avatars. Let's try and ignore gear obtained through natural progression since equipping the next item is almost a given... or is it? (YELLOW DRESS!)

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[Frostavenger The Shy guy] @ 9:37:05 AM Jul 20, 2013
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Hey now you leave my yellow dress out of this!! As you may know by now i will take the fashion over the stat points! Hell I even spend irl money if the item looks good enough for me to use. Be it 15$ or 100$. I am all for my toons looks.  As a reason to why, well I dont got one i just care for how my toons looks. I also try to go for the look that know one can get or has. if I see a few people with the same look as me Ill find something to change it into.I have always been happy for my Transmog in wow. Since iv seen very  few people with it.

Least i dont wear a diaper with handles!!!!!

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I like games that let me have either a fast swap set or a "viewable" vs "stat boost" set.

But if anything I always set out first for the look, hell I busted rump to get a certain hat in FFXI only to find out I had to change jobs for it. Which I did! Still eventually if I find the combo is not super effective I'll start to wear the mismatched colors of the Outlands.

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