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Like most dictators running a Communist nation bent on world domination, Kim Jong Il needs money. Rather than simply apply for a small business loan like the rest of us, he has resorted to non-traditional means:  Goldfarming.

According to a NY Times article last week, His Holy Flat-topness has started to build a hacker unit within the North Korean army, with the goal of filling the army's coffers through the goldfarming trade.  I'd like to denounce North Korea's Communist leader (I thought Communists didn't have leaders?) for debasing the games I love so, but it's hard to ignore the fiscal sense in this idea.

Goldfarming has become a huge business worldwide, and even with the restrictions placed on the practice in Asia and elsewhere is one of the quickest ways to make a dollar if you ignore those pesky moral conundrums so many of us have to deal with.  If you ever needed a reason not to hand over your money for game gold, now you have it:  Doing so might be funding a Communist military state who's looking to squelch freedom in any form.  If that won't put the fear of god into gold buyers, I don't know what will.


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