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Rumors be a flyin', but it seems the ones about the November release date for the Wii U seemed to be backed up -- at least by announced game release dates for the console.  Nintendo's next-gen system should be hitting the shelves before Thanksgiving, if the whispers on the Internetz are to be believed.  

The information places like G4TV and VG247 are referring to isn't exactly secret -- Rise of the Guardians is set to hit shelves Nov 13th -- in conjunction with the movie release -- on multiple platforms including the Wii U.  Rayman Legends the Wii U Ubisoft exclusive will also see a November street date, and then there's the email received by WiiuDaily from a source at a well-known, yet unnamed Japanese retailer, stating that the system will hit store shelves November 18th.  

We knew the newest Nintendo console would be hitting us sometime this Winter, they said so at E3 2012.  The question is merely about the date, and that this information seems to be as plausible as anything else.  I guess I should start saving up my pennies.  I only hope they release a bundle that includes the second gamepad.  Otherwise there will be some mad fights around the Mandifesto household about who gets to use it.  


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