It's easy to catch news of how bad gaming is for society. How it drags kids and impressionable adults into the depths of depravity and sometimes even murder. So it's nice when we get wind of stories like the one about a family who found a way to include their daughter in their game time thanks to the Wii U and the GamePad. The GamePad has had it's fair share of naysaying. When it was made available, Jeremy Powers was hoping he found a way for his nearly blind daughter Jennifer to watch movies on Netflix. Unfortunately you couldn't stream the movie to the GamePad screen and the main TV but that didn't stop him.

Going through several of the Wii U titles he found that most were just too difficult. Enter New Super Luigi U. With the addition of the character known as Nabbit, Jennifer was able to participate in games. Thanks to his near invulnerability it wasn't a frustrating experience for her either. Now with her nose only a few inches from the GamePad screen she can join in with the family game time and seems more than excited by it.



This isn't the first time we've seen people find ways to overcome their disability. Back in 2011 a man by the name of Terry Garrett actually finished Abe’s Exoddus on the PC. Sure that's not to hard to imagine but he did it blind. Using only the sounds of the game coupled with trail and error thanks to auto save, he was able to finish the game.

For a majority gaming is about achievements, gaining levels, and beating the game. There is so much more to the experience that many of us with all of our senses take for granted on a daily basis. Seeing people adapt and overcome obstacles given to them in life, just to enjoy what we take for granted, really is an eye opener.  It's something that always amazes me.



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