When the world beats you down, do you stick to your guns and stay true to your moral compass, or pull out a gun and steal your happiness from others?  These are the difficult questions in Almost Sometimes Monsters, an upcoming RPG about the grey areas in our lives.

As much as we would love it, most big choices can't be painted in black and white, in ASM you play an out-of-luck character selected from a variety of races, genders, and sexual orientations -- a character that has had the happiness kicked out of him by circumstance.  As you progress through the game you are faced with tough choices that will put your morality to the test.  How you decide to react shapes not only the character but also the world around you. 

“Developing Always Sometimes Monsters has been a continual process of evaluating not only our game mechanics, but also an evolution of how we regard ethics and morality.” said Justin Amirkhani from developer Vagabond Dog. “Concepts of right and wrong can easily whittle away within the game, so we are very much looking forward to seeing what choices players make during their unique journeys.”   

Always Sometimes Monsters will be available for PC Spring 2014 and gamers can follow development at or on Twitter @VagabondDog. Those lucky enough to be at PAX Prime can play the game at the Indie Megabooth (#871).




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