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Activision and Marvel just announced Deadpool: The Game at San Diego Comic Con. Yes that's right, the merc with the mouth finally has his very own video game. The game is a third person action adventure and is a gut-splattering, katana-cutting, gun-shooting extravaganza, with the Deadpool humor you know and love straight out of the comics.

Deadpool is my all-time favorite Marvel character. He takes nothing seriously. All he does is talk and kill, with variations of breaking the fourth wall. Reading the comic books was one thing, but getting the chance to actually play as the character I know and love gets my heart pounding.

There is no information on platform and release date at the moment. Now shut up and watch this trailer. I need to go to Gamestop and preorder it!


Trailer Via IGNentertainment

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Deadpool doesn't just break the 4th wall, he rebuilds it with a full bay window with inset breakfast nook, gets Mike Holmes to inspect it and verify that it's up to code, then breaks it once again.

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The fact that you went there, pulled out a domestic icon and then came back.. I salute you sir Art.


Also I'm digging this idea, but I hope his voices don't clutter the workspace of wet works too much. There needs to be a balance and the trailer had me only a tad bit worried.

[Mandifesto] @ 9:05:03 AM Jul 16, 2012
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Do it right the first time

[fraggadier] @ 7:05:03 PM Jul 15, 2012
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They should just get metal gear rising revengence and put a deadpool skin over Raiden. haha

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