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Ubisoft Montreal has some new information regarding their next Rainbow Six title, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Patriots. Their intention is to redefine the way players play a military-based shooter and from past experiences with Rainbow Six games, they might just do that. Patriots will not necessarily be a “Rainbow Six 3”, as you take on the role of a new member of a new Rainbow Six team, but what they have in store for their game seems like it will enhance the team-based shooter experience.

It would not be a Tom Clancy game, much less a Rainbow Six game, if it didn’t have an intense storyline, complete with very realistic scenarios that should be in a blockbuster hit movie.  Patriots will have players dive into ultra-realistic “what-if” scenarios, moving from character to character. As the leader of the new Rainbow squad, it’s your choice to ultimately make the final decisions of your mission, which could possibly imply that choices made could ultimately affect the ending of the game, or at least how it’s accomplished.

The game involves an extremist group of terrorists called the “True Patriots”, who firmly believe the US government has lost their way. These terrorists are comprised of citizens of the homeland, and they’re led by a well-calculated figurehead known as “Tredway”. As the new Rainbow 6 squad leader, your job is to make some tough ethical decisions to try and stop the widespread terrorism from growing. Of course, being a unit of the government and killing citizens of the country seems far from ethical, but we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for us.

Of course, it’s a shooter, and with a growing market of competition, Ubisoft Montreal aims to change the advanced mechanics in their next R6 installment. They plan to have a cover and weapons system that accommodates every situation. And being a squad comprised of the most elite soldiers, it’s no surprise they intend to add new teamwork features like “breach-and-clear” and the “fast-rope rappel” to their multiplayer, perhaps adding in modes that stray far from the standard Deathmatch and Bomb Planting objectives.

The game also aims to reward players for working as a team. Before every match, you are given a holographic image of the maps, allowing for your team to discuss possible tactics, points of entry, and ways to subdue the possible threats and save the hostages. As a member of Rainbow 6, you’ll be given access to some pretty top-notch gear, one being the thermal goggles that allow you to scan rooms before sending the whole squad in.

Details on the game are scarse, as unfortunately, the game aims to launch in 2013. Nonetheless, I’m already excited and can’t wait for the next installment of one of my favorite series to come out.


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[ComradePants] @ 12:39:20 PM Dec 3, 2011
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I can't wait for this. The original Rainbow Six was one of the first realistic shooters I had, so the series has always been pretty close to me. I hope this one is as good as the others!

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