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There’s a new gameplay trailer out for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 where yet again, players will get to take on enemies as a stealth-heavy sniper. The prequel to this game had a really good concept, especially with today’s shooters favoring the “spray and pray” tactic, using precision-based sniper combat in both the campaign and multiplayer. Despite this, the game was lacking and didn’t deliver as well as it most definitely could have. My hope is this sequel will take everything the first one had and set it right.

The trailer shows us a campaign mission. Players will be in control of a spec-ops sniper, following around a support sniper/spotter that’s telling you everything you need to do in the seemingly same jungle the game loves to send you to. Being spotted is all dependent on “line-of-sight” and sound (moving too much, firing your gun, running blindly and jumping around) as seen in the “knife-kill” portion of the video. So, the game seems very similar to the first in that fashion… not exactly a bad thing, who doesn’t want to be a sniper in the Amazon? But I’m hoping for more down the road or at least a demo in the city perhaps?

The option to kill an enemy with precision will make a return, where the camera will follow the bullet into your hopefully unsuspecting target. On impact, this precision bullet will bluntly hit your target, splattering zero blood on the walls somehow, and causes the target to fall on their side because of blunt trauma. Got to love that…. I understand that realism can never always be feasible in video games, but for what the game intends on doing, got to have more than that. Perhaps because the game is still in development that the kills were meh? Either way, the shooting itself seems fun. I’m a big Silent Scope fan so can’t go wrong with this game so far.

The trailer itself isn’t bad. Shows us what’s to come but unfortunately, it doesn’t show us much to expect. I’m just hoping for a co-op mode and I will be a happy camper. Anyways, here’s the trailer for you to enjoy.




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