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Whether you game on a console or a PC, you always have something to use to fight off virtual crime or fend off hordes of digital zombies. It’s one thing to use an everyday mouse and keyboard or the standard controller that came with your console, but how many of you gamers out there actually use pieces of equipment that represent the games you love to play?

More and more companies are just now releasing gaming peripherals that have themes on them. From the Xbox controllers that sport the “crimson omen” to the keyboards that brand itself with the rebel alliance symbol, there’s a piece of equipment for everyone, but of course, at what price? Brandishing your mouse pad of destruction with the “Horde” logo does cost a tad bit extra, generally an extra $10 to $20 from buying a regular edition, and if they can, a lot of people will opt for the extra style points. The question is, do you?

A lot of places will regularly make themed peripherals, such as Razer and their soon-to-release Old Republic computer gear. If you have equipment that’s busted and sub-par to your gaming needs, perhaps it’s time to make some changes to your arsenal.

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