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I’m sure all of us gamers out there, in one form or another, own something that show our gamer pride. Posters, collectible figure’s, and books are all things I’m guilty of owning, but aside from the typical items you’ll see in the average nerd home, there are items companies produce that go above and beyond the call of nerdiness.

When I think of awesome, yet whacky nerd gear, I think of websites like and Very fitting names, no? It’s one thing to own a Star Wars poster, but to own a Han Solo in Carbonite ice tray much like the one shown in the article banner? That’s pretty intense on the geek scale.

Some of you out there probably didn’t know such an item existed and now that you do, go browse around. I might just have to pull out of my savings to cut pizza with that Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter or eat sushi with a pair of Star Wars “chop sabers”.

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There is so much awesome in this, I find mere human words lacking.

[ComradePants] @ 12:53:50 PM Dec 2, 2011
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My fiancee and I are actually getting a lot of our kitchen supplies from there. We'll let you know how the Cocktail Chemistry set turns out after a White Russian or two... or five.

Incidentally, their TARDIS cookie jar is actually a realistic size inside, which I found severely upsetting.

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lol tell me how that goes. I kinda want to make a purchase on the Tauntaun sleeping bag, with plushy guts ";3

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