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Most of us who are fans of the espionage-themed action game, Tom Clancy’s  Splinter Cell, already knew the game was being adapted on to the big screen. No further news have been made about this until now. The man who will play as badass character of the year, Sam Fisher, shall be Tom Hardy but you might better know him as the guy who played Bane in the hit-movie, The Dark Knight Rises.  You can even go as far as saying he was Shinzon from Star Trek: Nemesis. The writer chosen to do the screenplay for the game-movie adaptation will be Eric Warren Singer, who I’ve honestly never heard of, but good for him!

I can definitely say Ubisoft or whoever did a rather good job in choosing the role considering Mr.Hardy is a rather versatile actor. Personally, I would’ve chosen Hugh Jackman from Van Helsing, Tom Jane from The Punisher, or even Michael Ironside who practically IS Sam Fisher.  Of course, that all depends on the time period of the movie versus the games. But regardless, the choice has already been made and hopefully, their won’t be any regrets,

I can’t wait for this movie. Splinter Cell is definitely one of my favorite franchises and I hope hope hope hope hope, did I mention hope? That the movie won’t fail like so many other game to movie adaptations *cough* Prince of Persia *cough*.

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