One of the most notorious spies in gaming is back and ready for action. Sam Fisher makes his deadly return in the upcoming Ubisoft game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

The trailer is very direct. There's a big international problem and players must join Fisher and stalk their prey and strike when needed. This means the stealth mechanic Splinter Cell fans have always enjoyed will be making a return. And here I was hoping Fisher would go around slicing people... Besides, the mechanics, there's a lot of action and drama so fans of Tom Clancy's storytelling should be excited as well.

Personally, i'm very excited for this game. I understand Michael Ironside is no longer the voice of one of the most badass characters ever, but hey, it doesn't seem to bad. Also, Ubisoft does love the use of real-life clips which hints at their constant practice at bringing gaming to the big screen (movie, when?).

Splinter Cell: Blacklist makes it's way to all platforms on August 20th, 2013. Be ready to hide and shoot... Hide and shoot... Hide and--- Oh you get it. Watch the trailer below!

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