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How it feels good to actually be afraid of something in a video game sometimes. In Evolve, players will have the opportunity to play as humans or monsters. Yours truly and three other poor victims were pitted against the mighty kraken -- and let's just say we were barely able to put up a fight.

As a soldier on the ground, it plays like a pretty standard FPS game. You can shoot, aim, and switch weapons. There are some unique pieces of technology like shields, but I spent the majority of my time running and gunning, barely escaping the wrath of the mighty kraken. I can tell whoever took on the role of Cthulhu was having a blast in this particular 4v1 situation. The kraken could fly, shoot lasers, and pretty much just hide behind his legion of disposable creatures. Not to mention the bugger was just plain hard to kill. I'm not saying the kraken is OP but he was such a huge threat to the human team that you really had to stay close together and watch eath other's back or else you'll just get picked off.

To be honest, I liked the style a lot. Its like Gears of War's Horde Mode except the creature was vastly more superior and had a few unique tricks up his sleeve. I'm sure there are more bad guys to play as but the kraken was a pretty good appetizer. Evolve so far is looking fun. I only got to try the one map as humans so I didn't get a full taste of the game. Stay tuned for the creatures hands-on as well as the full preview where I can really dig deep into the game.

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[Mandifesto] @ 5:01:21 PM Jun 10, 2014
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Could you tell if this is a 5-person game or if they will allow groups of smaller amounts of players to group up with AI?  It seems like it would be tough to get a group of five people to sit down to a game.

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I'll ask specifically about AI. I'm sure there's matchmaking in-terms of online play but for couch gaming, I'm not 100% sure yet.

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