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The Playstation Vita just launched in Japan and has already sold 321,000 copies in its first two days. That could be a good sign for the handheld device. Unfortunately, it still lags behind the 3DS which sold 371,000 units on its first two days, but the 3D w/o glasses was a huge selling point for the device, making it a “need” for some of the electronic enthusiasts out there.

Despite the success the handheld device had, there were a few, hiccups. There were a couple of hardware issues encountered such as freezing screens and unresponsiveness. A day one patch was released to counter this, which it did, but was quite a hassle for a lot of people to figure out because it required you to create a temporary account just for the patch rather than inputting your own account data, which lead to frustrating freezing issues. It’s a shame that the early adopters of the device inevitably became the guinea pigs in the grand scheme of things.

Once the issues were resolved, it can be said the Vita has quite a strong kit, with double-sided touch sensitivity, PS3 software integration, and the option for 3G mobile gaming. It’s also a vastly improved version of the ever-so popular PSP, so truly, it is a “next-gen” handheld device. Now that parts of the world got a taste of what the Vita has to offer, there’s a greater range of information for you to absorb that could help sway your buying decision.

The Vita is set for a North America launch on February 22, 2012 and will retail for $249.99 unless you opt for the 3G model which will retail for $299.99. This should hopefully give Sony plenty of time to re-work the kinks in the device, resulting in what I hope will be a far smoother launch.

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