Aion was definitely one of those games I was excited for back in 2009 but unfortunately, it ended up in the dust of all my other MMOs. It only took three years and a few "new classes" keywords to spark my attention once again and Aion 4.0, so far, is looking quite great. This expansion will add two new classes at launch -- The gunner and the Bard --  which both look incredibly fun or fruity, however you want to look at it on top of the new dungeons, skills, level cap increase... Basically all the things you'd expect in an expansion pack.

Personally, I think i'm going to give the game a shot again. I've been hearing about how Aion has the free-to-play model done right since EVERYTHING can be done or obtained with no cost to the player what-so-ever (i'm looking at you SWTOR). The issue so far has been deciding what MMO to even play! This year has a great line-up, and I intend to add Aion to the list. I'm going to have to throw those skill points into my time management skills.

Aion: The Dark Betrayal launches on June 26th, 2013. You'll have access to all of the new content completely free of charge. Also check out the launch video below and tell us what you think.

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