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Battlefield 3’s first expansion pack, Back to Karkand, is just around the corner and DICE has just released some new screenshots to show us what to expect. I’m not so sure the whole thing can be considered an “expansion” this early after launch but new maps, weapons, and vehicles might just be enough to appease your battlefield needs.

The biggest news about this add-on is the return of several original Battlefield 2 maps and vehicles, fully revamped with the Frostbite 2.0 engine.  This should give returning fans something to look forward to, as well as something new to experience for those who are hopping on the Battlefield band-wagon for the first time.

The expansion pack will be made available sometime this December and will be free for those who pre-ordered the game. The rest will have to pay the usual FPS-DLC fee of $15.

Here’s what to expect as well as the new screenshots:

New Weapons

Returning Maps

New Vehicles

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