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The stock market isn't a place for everyone, or more specifically, not a place everyone cares about. Unfortunately for gaming publisher Electronic Arts who i'm sure cares, they're being knocked off the NASDAQ-100 index effective December 24th, 2012. The index is a collection of the top 100 companies based on market capitalization and is readjusted every December. Companies joining EA include Netflix and Research in Motion; all of which will be replaced with companies such as Western Digital and Equinix.

Honestly, I can believe that EA is in somewhat of a decline. There's a lot of reasoning behind it too. I mean, The Old Republic was far from perfect and Mass Effect 3's controversial ending left many broken hearted. Oh, and just cause I have to say it, Battlefield is NOT Call of Duty, at least in sales, sorry folks. Regardless of their current woes, they have next year to get back on the list with a rather stunning line-up of AAA titles scheduled for 2013. Such examples include Dragon Age III and Dead Space III.

So what do you guys think? Does EA being in a financial decline, for 2012 at least, surprise you? It doesn't for me. Don't worry though, a couple of gaming companies still made the list, which include Microsoft and surprise surprise, Blizzard Entertainment.


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