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Lets face it, 2012 has been a rough year. Between the politics, scandals, and tragic events that rolled through the news one after another, its a wonder we managed to make it through the year intact (Mayans be damned!). Fortunately for us, there was one area in which 2012 has been spectacular, and that is in the world of interactive digital entertainment.

As gamers, we use video games as a temporary escape from the chaos of the real world, as a pressure valve to let out some of the stress of the day, or as form of entertainment far more interactive than the passive nature of movies and television. And often, after playing these various games through the course of the year, we start to develop opinions on which we enjoy more, and which we should have left on the store shelf.

Today, we celebrate these opinions with the second annual GameGeex End of the Year Awards! Head over to check out our picks on the Awards page, and then come back here to discuss your take on our choices in the comments below.

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