The Game Developer's Choice Awards is a ceremony where the best and the brightest in game development are honored for their contributions. It's a bit like the Screen Actor's Guild Awards, only a lot geekier, and Betty White isn't in attendance.

Along with recognizing standout titles, they also honor one particular name in the industry that's had a larger influence than others. Previous years have had people like Hideo Kojima and Richard Garriot as recipients. This year, the honor is set to go to Deus Ex creator Warren Spector for his genre changing ideas. From his contributions to several Ultima titles, to his latest work Epic Mickey, Spector has been known to craft engaging stories, and also helped bring new ideas out and make them work in ways that make sense.

The ceremony itself is set to take place March 7, during the GDC Conference itself. Expect a lot of competition from the individual categories  this year, as well as more honors for key figures in the game industry.

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