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Dice has yet again released another intense trailer for their upcoming title Battlefield 3 showcasing the campaign mode. The battlefield is a blaze, complete with massive explosions and ear-deafening gunfire. The game takes a more realistic aspect to the single-player experience by sending-in countless amounts of troops to back you up and getting hands-on time as part of the mortar team. Teamwork also plays a huge role in accomplishing your mission.

The trailer isn’t too long but it sure can make your heart pound. Anyways, here it is for your enjoyment. But you can really enjoy the game when it hits store shelves on October 25th.




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I think that trailer may have given me Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

[Fragnotmyass] @ 12:07:45 AM Sep 13, 2011
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People thought that the date at the end of the trailer was a beta release date HAHAHA

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Let them eat cake! Down with the bourgeousie!  Vive la Revolution!  Wait...oh, it's THAT Operation Guillotine.  Carry on.

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