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Saints Row: The Third is an extremely absurd representation of the underground crime world. Wackiness, destruction, and total randomness define this upcoming sandbox title and despite being themed after the criminal-gangster genre, players are in for several unique surprises that are far from realistic, but fun nonetheless.

Two new trailers have released for this game and both further enhance the goofiness that Volitron, Inc. has thrown into the mess. The “Shock and Awesome” trailer, showcases futuristic equipment, lasers, and hovercrafts that remind me of Mass Effect. Of course, if futuristic vehicles aren’t enough, you can never go wrong with dressing your character in a cat costume outfitted with a sniper bazooka. The most amusing part of the trailer was the fact that they copied Battlefield 3’s seizure-inducing static. And have you ever wanted to be in a crazy Japanese game show much like “Takeshi Castle” or “I survived a Japanese Game Show”? Well, now you can, except you use guns in the most unsafe of ways, and your life is on the line. Also, Volitron really loves their pandas, and shooting one gets you penalized.

Enjoy the total maniacal mayhem when Saints Row: The Third launches for PS3, X360, and PC on November 15th, 2011. Check out these goofy trailers below.







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