Konami just released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game, Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The trailer is pretty gruesome and is definitely something I probably would have avoided watching. But nonetheless, I did it for all you reader’s sake.

The video just shows a scientist torturing people and glimpses of nuclear weapons being used. The affiliation of the people in the trailer are unknown but at the end of the trailer, it says “Make it right. 4/30/12.” The overall theme of the trailer is destruction and death and what not and I assume it’ll be your job as Raiden to bring the evil to its knees and make things right.

It would appear Konami has a reveal set for April 30th and I actually can’t wait to see it. The direction of this teaser is interesting, as nothing about the game was revealed but the date gets us somewhat excited on what’s to come. Click the jumper to watch the video in its full horrifying glory. Still debating whether or not I'd take this over the trailer that shows five different re-iterations of the word "vengeance."

[Trailer via Konami]

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[Mandifesto] @ 5:16:25 PM Apr 25, 2012
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I'm guessing it's a release date.  Or that they are just turning this into a reality show, which is what I get from the trailer.

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A release date? Hmmm...

"Here's a teaser for a reality show! Oh by the way, that game we're making um... Metal Gear Solid... Rising? Yea, Rising, is coming out in 5 days. Go buy it ^_^. Goes great with show we're about to air about death and suffering :D"

Then again, it's Konami... maybe xD lol.

[fraggadier] @ 5:33:19 PM Apr 25, 2012
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ummm... okay, I would have never guessed this is a metal gear solid rising trailer. Looks like it would be the trailer to the bionic man move that doesn't exist.

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When I watched it, it reminded me of Black Ops, with he guy strapped to the chair and people yelling at him to remember his pass.

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Yes. But Black Ops made sense  lol.

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Well suffering or no suffering, I really want to just cut watermelons with a sword.

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