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Freddie Wong and his notorious friend, Brandon Laatsch have done it again. They've turned Metal Gear Rising's star Raiden into a soldier living his life with Post traumatic stress disorder. It's interesting to see what in game characters do after they finish the game. Our minds go wild and we imagine what happens next.

In this awesome video, Raiden pretty much tells us his daily routine until his past decides to haunt him. I've always loved Freddie Wong's videos because they are always witty and usually video game related. Getting help from Konami itself is amazing. Quinton Flynn, the voice of Raiden was also there to help.

Keep up the great work and constantly make awesome videos. I definitely can’t wait for season 2 of Video Game High School. Also, please never make a sequel to the Mario Harlem shake, that hurt my head.


Video via Freddiew

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Well at least that terrible game inspired something awesome.


As for the Harlem Shake:  <---- Freddie says STOP!



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