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Happen to be a cosplayer who is handy with your craft? Or maybe you’re just a huge fan of Atlus and their various offerings? Either way, Atlus wants you to get involved in their 5th annual Atlus-O-Weenie costume contest.

The rules are pretty simple. Just put on your best costume, take a photo, head on over to the contest page here or on Facebook, and submit your entry. Costumes will be judged in three special categories based on their game licenses, and include Catherine, Persona, and KoFXIII. The best overall costume will get a fancy $300 Amazon gift card, while the top picks for each individual category will receive a $200 card. Four other prize winners, picked entirely at random, will get $25 cards.

To further entice costumed contestants, the first 200 people to submit their entries will also receive a free Steam code for their crazy strategy game Rock of Ages. So either way, you’re going to get something for your troubles, as long as you submit an entry quick enough.

The contest starts now, and goes on until November 11. Judging takes place on that same day and goes until November 18. If you want to read up on all the additional legal mumbo jumbo, you can check out the rules page here.

Now, does anyone know where I can find a decent Iori Yagami wig for cheap?

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And the countdown clock starts ticking down towards the moment when some impressively massive Rock of Ages cosplay begins to claim innocent lives.

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