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 Remember those character silhouettes that got teased a couple weeks ago by Soul Calibur V director Daishi Odashima? Well, he decided to be nice and show off one of those characters before the “official” reveal at Comic Con next week (which some of the GameGeex crew will be attending) via his Twitter account. As per fan request, he unveiled the female silhouette, who is actually a ninja (no, not Taki unfortunately).

As for whom this female ninja is exactly, that’s still being kept under wraps until next week. Does she have a relationship with Taki? Perhaps she’s connected to Setsuka somehow? Or maybe she’s just a random, perky, blonde ninja with an overly cute hair clip? We won’t know all the details until Comic Con itself.


[via Siliconera]

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lol, nice place to crop the picture...

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Totally Deadpool's daughter.

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