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After several weeks of silence, the team behind Soul Calibur 5 finally gave fans some new info today, revealing three more characters. Nightmare and Raphael rejoin the ranks, while Xianghua’s daughter, Leixia, takes her place as a new arrival.

So, how can both Nightmare and Raphael, who supposedly died back in Soul Calibur 4, be making returns? The easiest answer would likely be plot hacks, but the team isn’t really saying anything, other than to wait and see. What they do say, however, is that Nightmare at least is a completely different monster from his previous incarnations. Leixia (pronounced Lay-sha) is also described as being a quick and agile character, much like her mother no doubt.

As far as all the rumors about a certain assassin being in the game goes, we’re likely gonna have to wait a bit longer for the official word on that.


[via Eurogamer]

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