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Snail Games' upcoming MMO, Black Gold Online, has seen a huge boost in money for its development and global promotion. It seems four Chinese banks; the Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Bank of Nigbo, have agreed to loan Snail $94.7 million on top of the publisher's $32.6 million. More money means better games, right?

I thought this was interesting because I got to see this game at E3. The game is rather difficult and would appeal to its own kind of fanbase. It also leans more towards the PvP-side of things from what I remember through the usage of vehicles. Honestly, It's really hard to rate an incomplete title, especially since the mechanics in this game were so broken and the combination of skills against certain monsters make fighting them solo too hard for some classes which is a no-no in North America.

Either way, Snail has a lot of time to put that money to good use. Black Gold Online is in beta in China and the expected launch for North America is 2014. Hopefully, that gives them enough time to polish the game.

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