One of my personal, most-anticipated titles, Star Wars 2013, made an appearance at E3  and instead of a fancy trailer or cinematic, they revealed gameplay footage! I guess they really have been working on this project in secrecy for quite some time. I have to emphasize “quite some time” since the game looks absolutely gorgeous. Did I mention gorgeous? The game was demoed using a high-end PC with Nvidia hardware (yummy) just to show what the engine was capable of. The demo included tons of particles, fluid animations, and very strong physics… Basically, it sort of went above and beyond all my expectations in-terms of a Star Wars titles.

Unfortunately, the main character doesn’t look to be Boba Fett, nor is the game Star Wars: Battlefront 3 but you know what? This will have to do for now. At first, I thought I wasn’t going to be into this “dark” kind of nitty-gitty Star Wars game, but after seeing it, I want it now!

Check out the gameplay video below! Remember, this was only a small taste from SpikeTV. Don’t forget to come back later today for more information when Lucas Arts takes center stage for their full preview on Star Wars 1313.


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[fraggadier] @ 9:22:15 PM Jun 5, 2012
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I love how the gameplay looks like a cgi cinamatic. absolutly stunning

[fraggadier] @ 6:41:14 AM Jun 7, 2012
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Why you know Battlefront 3?

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Looks pretty good, but apart from grabbing that guy from cover and snapping his neck, what sets it apart from other cover based shooters?

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