Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was present at E3 2012 and well, it definitely is something a bit new. The campaign looks great but the graphics seem very… Call of Duty 4 and CoD usually improves on graphics every time a new title comes out. But still, thermal snipers and fighter-jet gameplay? Count me in!

Check out the gameplay footage for Black Ops 2’s campaign below!


[Video via IGNEntertainment]

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[fraggadier] @ 9:26:51 PM Jun 5, 2012
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I was not impressed, unless they have a mode with vehicle warfare, i know you don't want that but, if you they should, if you don't like it then go to Russia, or just not play that mode lol

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Pshh, you go to Russia. All they care about is their vehicles. In 'Merica, we got future soldiers.

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