Ubisoft announced a new game called Watch Dogs at E3 2012 and I believe it stole the show. The game is set during a time where society has become heavily reliant on technology and you, the player, can hack anything. Profile everyone around you, jam electrical devices, stop cell phones, and even control street lights. You are in full control.

Finally, something a little bit more innovative. You have the freedom to roam around much like in a Grand Theft Auto game AND you have the gadgets. Did I mention the main character is a badass too? He’s not some computer geek if that’s what you were thinking… But seriously, after watching the gameplay, I’d have to say it was the love child of Deus Ex and Syndicate. What surprised me even more was how good the graphics were for a console title and how fluid the character animations were. I'm hoping to hear more from this game soon!

Watch the gameplay video below and tell us what you guys think!


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