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Here's one for all the ladies out there:  The Frag Dolls are looking to add a new member to their competitive gaming team sponsored by Ubisoft.  Perhaps the most famous of the girl gaming leagues, the Frag Dolls are holding an open casting call until July 23, 2012.  While the requirements for selection aren't really detailed in the announcement, I assume the ability to kick much gaming butt while looking fabulous is pretty much a requirement.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” says Krystal Herring, Frag Dolls co-captain. “We definitely want nothing less than the best and we’re confident that among the incredibly talented girl gamers out there, we will find the perfect fit for our team.”

Applicants must live in the U.S., be at least 18 years of age and are required to submit their resume and gaming history for consideration. Interested?  Head on over to their website and sign up
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Mhmmm, it would appear i'm not an eligible candidate. Oh well, i'll just pretend i'm over-qualified then.

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