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When someone describes a game as Grim Fandango meets Metroid, my ears perk up.  When I hear that the title features a hero named Juan Aguacate, my stomach begins to rumble.  When I learn that said title, Guacamelee is coming exclusively to PlayStation consoles, my heart swells and I know it's time to share.

Announced some months back by DrinkBox Studios, this little adventure game packs a big punny punch.  Today we heard direct from the horse's mouth that the game will be available on PSN and PS Vita only, following in the footsteps of games like Rochard or Joe Danger.  

I am delighted by everything about this game: The art style, the Metroid-mania as they call their game mechanics, and most definitely the sense of humor.  There just don't seem to be enough Luchador games featuring men in masks punching their way through walls.  I can't wait to get my hands on it next week at E3.  

Guacamelee will be available sometime early 2013 for PS3 and PS Vita.


PS3_guac_screen_M.jpg (1680w x 944h)
PS3_guac_screen_B.jpg (1680w x 944h)
PS3_guac_screen_E.jpg (1680w x 944h)
PS3_guac_screen_I.jpg (1680w x 944h)
PS3_guac_screen_G.jpg (1680w x 944h)
PS3_guac_screen_F.jpg (1680w x 944h)
PS3_guac_screen_L.jpg (1680w x 944h)
DBLogo_White.png (1500w x 639h)
Sony_GDP_Guacamelee_logo.png (1500w x 675h)
Sony_GDP_Guacamelee_key_art.png (1160w x 600h)
2012-04-26-151738.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-150349.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-150329.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-150421.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-150522.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-150608.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-150627.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-150631.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-150718.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-150835.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-150801.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-150852.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-151005.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-151010.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-151017.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-151045.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-151026.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-151051.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-151509.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-151432.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-151537.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-151655.jpg (960w x 544h)
2012-04-26-151608.jpg (960w x 544h)

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