Yesterday Ubisoft unleashed their plan for free-to-play gaming upon the world, and with it a bevvy of new releases were announced.  Amongst the social games was one that particularly caught my eye:  The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.  This is a Tower Defense title where you raid your neighbor's castles and then defend yours in return, all for the loots, of course.

It may seem like a simple concept, until you watch the announcement trailer.  Then you'll realize exactly how brilliant this game is, and how very, very cheeky.  I love Tower Defense myself.  It's a genre you can jump into, play for a little bit, and feel rewarded. Especially if the loot is epic.

If you're at all intrigued -- and really who wouldn't be? -- You can sign up for the Alpha right now and try the game out for yourself. We'll give you more information about the game as it becomes available.  



knight_magic_center.png (1500w x 938h)
mighty1.png (1000w x 625h)
mighty2.png (1000w x 625h)
mighty3.png (1000w x 625h)

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ERMEHGAWD... That trailer was cool lol. Looks very Team Fortessy... Or at least something out of Pixar.

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This strikes me as a cross between CastleVille and Orcs Must Die... so, yeah, Ive registered for access already... hehehe

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Same here, I dig the feel.

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