How many people does it take to fill an oil painting?  Turns out the answer is 137, or at least that's the answer according to Ubisoft's Defy History contest.  European fans of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag can submit a picture of themselves "with as much emotion and passion as [they] can muster," for a chance to be immortalized in oil on canvas.

Alas I am but nothing but an American, so I cannot submit my piratey battle cry Instagram I took last Summer, but I can assure you it is highly emotional.  Perhaps I will simply head to France and visit the Museé de la Marine gallery to see this Beaux-Arts masterpiece between November 4th and December 3rd.  Or I can hit up social media and 'like' the faces I prefer the not-spending-a-fortune option.  

Head on over to the Defy History page for more information.  Or hit the jump to watch the Defy History trailer right here. Are you feeling defiant yet?  I should hope so.


ACIVBF_Scurvy-crew.jpg (1000w x 463h)
AC4BF_Hit-me-with-your-best-shot.jpg (1000w x 563h)
AC4BF_20000-leagues-under-the-sea.jpg (1000w x 563h)
AC4BF_Ive-got-jungle-fever.jpg (1000w x 563h)
AC4BF_Mind-if-I-drop-by.jpg (1000w x 563h)
AC4BF_Whale-of-a-good-time.jpg (1000w x 563h)
AC4BF_Strike-a-pose.jpg (1000w x 563h)
ACIVBF_But-is-ther-any-rum.jpg (1000w x 463h)
AC4BF_You-sunk-my frigate.jpg (1000w x 563h)
ACIVBF_Captain-about-to-be-crunched.jpg (1000w x 463h)
ACIVBF_Hey-sailor.jpg (1000w x 463h)
ACIVBF_Do-you-hear-something.jpg (1000w x 463h)
ACIVBF_Hot-sea-legs.jpg (1000w x 463h)
ACIVBF_Light-drizzle.jpg (1000w x 463h)
ACIVBF_Ive-got-your-back.jpg (1000w x 463h)
ACIVBF_Nice-day-for-a-swim.jpg (1000w x 463h)

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Oye! Though even if I were a EU gamer, I think I'd be too cute to qualify. Perhaps auditions as the parrot?

[GodzillaIsYourDaddy] @ 4:58:41 PM Jun 26, 2013
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No that would be insulting to you Ken, the parrot is not cute enough. I suggest the anchor! :P

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This is true... The anchor is technically always smiling.

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