There’s a gameplay trailer floating around for Dontnod’s action sci-fi RPG, Remember Me. This game made its debut at Gamescom 2012 and became the talk of the event. Despite the title, the dialogue in the game is very unmemorable but it’s OK, because you can ignore it, right? Well… at least the rest of this interesting sci-fi brawler game is pretty awesome.

I’m going to let the trailer do all the talking on this one. Aside from the somewhat awful voice acting and the typical “here’s unlimited ammo, oh, and please shoot around the actor” sequence, Remember Me is looking pretty good. I mean, they can totally change the actors before launch... What do you guys think?

[Video via PressakeyCom]

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*nods in agreement*

Aw crap, they said not to nod!

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Also, not sure why they needed to throw in the F word - it actually stood out to me as gratuitous in this clip

[Mandifesto] @ 12:32:17 PM Sep 6, 2012
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"This is Paris, Neo"  Lord that was some bad writing.  

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Not entirely sure i'd say "over there it's her! The fugitive!" in that situation lol.

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