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As we head into E3 2013, the first voice we here on the subject of gaming will be Microsoft.  This is significant because the Xbox One unified living room message seemed to almost completely alienate gamers.  When you focus on media streaming and fantasy football interaction, the core demographic who will be buying your console feel justifiably left out.  It will be interesting to see what Microsoft does to pull the gamers back into the fold, right at a time when many are eyeing the PlayStation 4 as a reasonable alternative in the Next Gen console market.

We know that Microsoft has four titles they will be announcing at E3.  If they are smart these will be exclusive IPs to the Xbox One and so tantalizing people would buy the box just to play the games.  I know it worked for the PS3 with Metal Gear Solid 4, so it is possible that all the hardware wars will ultimately come down, once again, to a software comparison.  These days so many games are released for all three consoles that it's rather hard to decide on which console to favor.  If Microsoft pulls some big exclusive news out of their shiny black hat then perhaps they'll recapture the audience.

In a few short minutes the Microsoft E3 Press Conference will begin.  I will follow up shortly thereafter with analysis and thoughts on the presentation.  If you want to watch along, head on over to to view the livestream.

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