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Xbox One has a large showing this year, but one of the more advanced arcade games to be present on the show floor is a flying-shooter, Crimson Dragon, which was among my visual highlights of the day. The game is interesting. You play as a dragon, whom you get to control with barrel rolls and minor turns, use two different types of "weapons" for the demo; your target-based cannon and lighting breathe all while flying across beautiful set pieces beating bosses and slaying anything in your path. If I had to describe this game in one phrase though, it would have to be "the game is Panzer Dragoon."

The demo pits the player up against obstacles, like poison mushrooms, lava waves, and rocks, as well as bosses; like a giant Lava Worm and another dragon that flies around shooting back at you and dodging your attacks. You don't get to control your dragon as if it were an open arena since the motion is scripted. You are permitted to freely aim your weapon: the cannon plays like Star Fox N64 where you hold down the 'fire' button and you can lock-on to everything. The lightning breathe on the other hand, was more efficient at close-range, but all you have to do is hold the button down to reign Force Lightning upon your enemies. There is said to be more weapons to so i'm curious on how that plays out as the levels get harder.

While you are set in motion, you are only free to move up,down,left, right as well as barrel roll to any side any time you want to dodge attacks and parts of the map such as falling rocks and structures as well as use your weapon. Unfortunately, the demo did not have any "fodder mobs" as I call them to get in your way to score points and kills, but I was told levels become way more intense and you basically just have to keep going till you fail (the demo had a time limit).

Quite frankly, the gameplay is good, but the best part of the game is the visuals. The scenery is amazing and the setting is something to behold. If I could just fly around with no enemies in my path, i'd do that just to take in the eye-candy.

To put it into perspective, I remember playing Geometry Wars around the time the original Xbox 360 came out. This will be an Xbox One early release and in a sense,  is a vastly superior  game compared to what arcade games have been put out in recent time in-terms of visuals and gameplay. Basically, Arcade games have and will continue to advance further than the norm of "arcade."

Crimson Dragon is slated to release around the time time Xbox One enters the world. There is said to be an Xbox 360 version as well but after playing the game on One, I kind of don't want to go 360 unless I really have to.

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I would have guessed this was a puzzle game from looking at the logo alone.

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