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NRS keeps on piling the good news onto its playerbase. Earlier today, the studio announced that they will be allowing players to purchase a Season Pass for Mortal Kombat, which will allow users to get all four of the upcoming DLC characters for 1200 MS points. For those with basic math skills, that saves you 400 points in the long run, compared to buying them all individually.

Those who purchase the Season Pass will be able to download the new characters as soon as they are available, beginning with Skarlet, with Kenshi, Rain, and a yet-to-be-announced fighter coming over the course of the summer. The compatibility packs will also be downloaded at the same time, as well as the free character skins that will be coming with each pack. The offer is set to be available on June 21, the same date that the Skarlet DLC is released.

For the moment at least, this offer is limited to Xbox 360 owners. Those with the PS3 version will have to purchase each character separately. Could this be NRS trying to make up for giving PS3 users Kratos as an exclusive character?


[via iplaywinner]

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