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As gamers, we all love games, especially cheap games. Starting today, Xbox Live will have a daily sale up until December 31st, featuring a different item every day. Maybe waiting to buy that arcade title you wanted to purchase awhile back was worth the wait after all?

Today’s sale features the well-received XBLA title, Bastion, at 600MS. That’s 50% off its usual price of 1200MS. Wonder if you should get it? Well, Gamegeex conveniently has the review up to help make your choice.

There’s definitely more to come everyday as we get close to the end of 2011. Aside from the daily deals, be sure to check out the “Countdown Sale” to make sure the game you’re interested in isn’t already on sale.

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[Fragnotmyass] @ 4:34:07 AM Dec 20, 2011
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Where is this located on the xbox live dashboard?

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