Last month I got sick the last day of E3 2012, and so I wasn't able to make my appointments.  While that might not seem a big deal to some, to me it meant that I missed out on sitting down with Might and Delight and talking about their upcoming downloadable masterpiece, Pid.  Nothing about this game is normal, so I shouldn't really be surprised that the devs have decided to make a music video about one of the boss battles.  I was just going to sit down and enjoy it myself, but I realized you dear reader would probably enjoy this as much as I will.

Join me after the jump and meet the band behind The Butler boss encounter -- Retro Family.  I swear he did it.



Pid_Screenshot_cave_3.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_cave_2.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_city_1.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_dormatory_1.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_sittingroom_3.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_sittingroom_1.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_attic_2.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_attic_3.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_attic_4.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_attic_5.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_attic_6.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_busstop_1.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_cartographer.jpg (1280w x 720h)
Pid_Screenshot_attic_7.jpg (1280w x 720h)

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