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Lately I've been itching to get back into Minecraft.  It's been a few months since I last played the block sim, and certain things have been triggering my urge to build.  Take this project by redditor FoxGaming for instance.  Dubbed Titan City, the massive undertaking is a recreation of New York City.  And when I say massive, I mean it.  It took him 18 months to complete.  That means he started it right about the same time that my son was born.  Crazy talk.

Each structure on the map took about ten hours to create, and all of them were based on real world works of architecture.  For those that no longer exist (like the Twin Towers for instance) FoxGaming turned to documentaries to provide the information necessary in order to make his recreation as close to the real thing as possible.  Now that the project is complete, he has released the map to the world.  I'm downloading it as soon as I finish this article, because I really want to see this thing for myself.  

I'm continually amazed at the works of genius that come from using such a simple game.  I once toyed with the idea of building Disneyland in Minecraft, but only got as far as the compass in front of the park.  That's okay, it's sort of a special place for me anyway. What epic project would you take on if you had the time to build it in Minecraft?

[via Kotaku]

ConsoleTowers.png (1028w x 720h)
Cool.png (1028w x 720h)
From.png (1028w x 720h)
More.png (1028w x 720h)
in.png (800w x 560h)
Skyline.png (1028w x 720h)

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Wow, that's pretty amazing! I wish I could create stuff like that. I feel like it would require to download a handful of mods though.

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